Women’s Top 101: Choosing the Right Type of Top

As a woman, do you follow a fashion trend or you are a free spirit that wears what you think is comfortable? Either of the two, do you know wearing the right kind of top can help you showcase your personality and turn you are simple get up to a runway worthy outfit. Aside from that wearing a great top that perfectly suits your body type can help you stay comfortable all day long.

You might think that choosing the right top is easy but they are times that choosing can be really frustrating for the reason that your choice when it comes to women’s tops comes with a wide range of variety, from a simple casual t-shirt, pullovers, hoodies, blouses, polo and more. If there is a bad thing, there is always a good thing that comes with a wide selection of tops.

What is that?

It would be easy on your part to match it with any bottom you already possess or is sitting inside your closet.  To make the selection part easier, you should know the different types of tops if you are planning to comprar top online (buy top online) or on retails outlets.

Here are the different types of tops:

  • The Women’s T-shirt

This type of top is very popular for the reason that it is very comfortable, versatile and it can go with any kind of bottom. Besides from that, you can pair your simple t-shirt with a blazer, dress pants, and to a pencil skirt for a more professional look. In choosing a t-shirt, you should look for tees that are made from cotton or blended fabric to ensure that it is durable, breathable and easy to be cleaned.

  • The Women’s Blouse

If you are not aware, blouses can dress up your wardrobe and take you from an office girl to a party goer. With this top, you have a wide selection of styles to choose from which includes button down, backless shirts, tunics, and off shoulder blouses. Aside from that, blouses can also come with feminine details and embellishments for a chic and sophisticated look.

  • The Women’s Tank Top and Camisoles

These two kinds of tops are a wardrobe must-have due to its function and style that allows you to wear it in different ways. For instance, a basic tank top and camisole can be worn as an extra coverage under a blouse or t-shirt while, tank tops with lace can be worn under blazers, cardigans, and pullovers for that extra touch.

  • The Women’s Shirts

Similar with women’s tee, this type very comfortable but it comes with several styles that can add flavor to your top wardrobe. This type of top is often made from soft fabrics and an array of designs for a stylish yet comfortable feel you can wear it all day.

  • The Women’s Hoodies

You can wear this top with your jeans or with yoga pants as a comfortable and casual jacket. Often made from cotton, Hoodies have a full front zipper, front pockets, and a hood to keep you during the cold days and night.

These are only some of the types of tops you can choose from. If you can’t seem to choose, you should consider having a pair of them all in your closet just to ensure that you are always ready for any occasions or events.