What are the Advantages of Using Private Proxy Servers?

It is already public knowledge that anyone that uses the internet has some of their personal information exposed to the public. It doesn’t matter whether you went through some securities or you visited web pages that seem like they have the best security measures employed in their system. However, no matter how much you try to hide your personal information on the internet, it doesn’t change the fact that the internet already has some of your personal information. It is one of the reasons why many entities seek elite proxies or also known as private proxy servers.


What is a private proxy server?

The elite proxies are used in hiding the public IP address that is assigned by the ISP. This is a service provided to clients that want to hide their IP address. There are also certain occasions, just like when you open up a web browser, you are asked whether you want to explore the web incognito. Such options were not offered before, but due to the demands of higher security, private proxy servers were offered.


Elite proxies act as the intermediary for the clients’ requests that are seeking resources on other servers. The client links to the proxy server, then make a request on a number of services, like a web page, file connection or many other resources available that can be seen in other servers. The proxy server will evaluate the request as a means of simplifying and at the same time controlling its sophistication. Another purpose for the creation of proxies was to add encapsulation and structure to the distributed systems.


The reasons why a lot of customers go for elite proxies is as follows:

  • You are entirely anonymous – this means that the private proxy servers will hide the public IP address that you use, including its geographic location. You don’t need to worry about the internet servers since it will think that you are not using any proxies at all.
  • You get to protect yourself by utilizing the HTTPS protocol in every website you visit daily. Depending on the service that you avail, their proxies should be able to support HTTPS and HTTP protocols.
  • You get to choose your own dedicated IP address in different geographic locations around the world, preferably Europe, UK or the US.
  • You get to enjoy unlimited bandwidth throughout the subscription period.
  • You also get to request a refreshment of your IP every month. This starts at the very first day that you subscribed to the service.
  • You also get to add up to 15 IPs that can be authorized for usage with private proxy servers.
  • Again, depending on where you subscribed the service to, you are able to manage your account with the proxies they have provided.


When to consider elite proxies?

You consider the use of proxies when you want to remain anonymous on the internet for a certain period of time or indefinitely. Many of those working with internet marketing find it very efficient to work with private proxy servers.