Tips for Cyber Security Companies in Hiring Talents

This refers to how cyber security companies should hire employees that have got the skills to a level of a professional that is on the standard level of how cyber security should be. However, it is no secret how finding a talent for such a standard is not easy. But it can be more difficult if the same ways are being used for other specialists in the IT industry. Here are some tips on how you can get it right.


Maintain an active presence in social media. Many cyber security companies these days are joining the bandwagon of being socially active online. It is the ‘virtual’ version of word-of-mouth, but oftentimes some of it are being paid to get marketed to a wider audience. However, the basis for marketing your brand is still there. Many companies, not only cyber security ones, are very familiar with professional and social networks, both offline and online. With the latter, some of them include Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn. You want to be active on those three and at the same time, you want to find professional and social networks that are concentrated on the verticals, like the cyber security. In this case, you have to look for websites, discussion groups, forums or even Reddit can be the best place to start finding your talents by starting conversations. Professionals that have a knack and high-level skill for cyber security are quite different from any other IT talents, especially when it comes to their online presence, too. They are more guarded, more secure and more specific with their means. They know it very well how humans are very vulnerable on the internet, so they will be more cautious with their interactions. You need to go where they are and on their terms, you start conversing with them.


Engage with entry-level and young talent. There is a high change that most cybersecurity companies, including yours, already have a number of stable, eager, energetic and young IT talents. However, you do not need to miss the opportunity in mentoring and guiding these individuals to be more capable of what they are doing right now. They are to be developed into seasoned cyber security professionals.


In order to do this, you have to pique their interest as early as possible. You are to guide them in realizing their truest potential in engaging and challenging their work, including their development and growth. You can provide mentoring, education and training; you can even partner up with online or the local cyber security training programs and even send them to meetups and conferences that are focused on security. You will be paying for your employees in order to improve their training and education, which is what most cyber security companies do if they wish to stay relevant in a highly competitive industry. So as early as possible, why don’t you steer them into the path of security?


These are not all the tips that will get you your cyber security professionals. However, these tips will give you a good head start on finding and hiring the best ones.