The Proper Way of Caring Your Leather Bag

When you’ve invested a lot of your earned money in a handbag, making sure it’s a forever beauty is a must. To make it durable and beautiful at the same time, your leather handbags can last for decades when you take care of it properly. Whether it’s a satchel, tote or bolsos de flecos de piel, storing and cleaning them the proper way is very important. In maintaining their great look, there’s a lot you can do to preserve the beauty and prolong the life of your investment.

If you want to maintain the good quality of your handbags, you should keep in mind that different types of leather require different care and maintenance. Before you get started, you must learn first the proper cleaning, conditioning, and the proper way of storing the bag and also the right steps to do about spills and stains. Always follow the manufacturer’s instruction for your leather bag storage and maintenance. Before you use any type of product on the leather bag, try to test it on a hidden spot of the bag. Your leather bag may contain some chemical that reacts with the conditioning or cleaning product. Below are the proper ways to clean, condition, and store your leather bag.

  • The Proper way to clean a leather bag. Always keep in mind that finished and unfinished leather have different cleaning requirements. When you are cleaning finished leather, just simply wipe it with a soft damp cloth. This type of leather can be damaged by water, so always ensure the cloth is damp, not wet. When dealing with stubborn dirt or marks, use suitable leather cleaner for the bag. Car seat or upholstery cleaner is usually too harsh for luggage or handbag leather. Your leather cleaner should be a pH balance as acidic or alkaline products may react with the chemicals in the finish. Since unfinished leather does not have a coating that provides stain resistance, it is somewhat trickier to clean and maintain. For general maintenance, dust your leather bag with a soft, dry cloth. You can use a white cloth to prevent color transfer and try not to wet or dampen the leather as water cause stains and warping to the leather.
  • How to properly store your leather bag. When storing your leather bag, warping, insect activity, and moisture are its three biggest enemies. In this case, you can place bubble wrap inside the bag to help it maintain the shape of the bag. Bubble wrap discourages insect activity; some insects feed on paper products. You should avoid over filling it and do not use newspapers as a stuffing because it bleeds ink that can damage your bag. Place a small bag of silica gels or crystals inside to absorb moisture.
  • Dealing with stains and spills. If your leather bag gets wet, never use a hair dryer or other heat source to dry it. You can just carefully wipe away excess moisture and allow the bag to air dry only. If you apply heat, the leather tends to warp. For a stubborn stain, try rubbing the spot with a white eraser, but make sure to rub it gentle and check whether it can worsen the problem or not before rubbing the entire area. You can use cornstarch to soak up oil spills. You can also remove organic stains using white chalk dust. Apply the dust to the area and let it sit overnight then dust it off the next day. You should deal with stain as soon as possible so they do not have the time to harden and stain the leather. Seek professional assistance if needed.