The importance of Teaching your Child on How to Dress Herself

For many parents, teaching and allowing your child to learn how to dress her/himself is one of those essential life skills that promotes independence in every children, which also encourages their logical thinking. And when your kids are taught to be independent, they will surely grow into self-assured adults who are motivated, productive, and able to stand on their own feet. So if you have been dragging your heels about teaching your little kids how to dress her/himself, then now is the perfect time to do it. Here are some tips in doing it so

When teaching your kids how to dress themselves, it is also important to give them the freedom to choose for the clothes that they want to wear, but always be guided by you. Let you preschooler excited about dressing herself by allowing her to select for her own clothes, but do not overwhelmed her with too much choices. Letting her choose from only two to three outfits is plenty, but always make sure that the clothes you are providing for your child is comfortable and have a child-friendly texture. When buying clothes for children always make sure that you always consider the quality of the clothes and textures that you are going to let them wear, choose a style and brand that are comfortable and safe for your child’s skin like the eva castro moda infantile, their children’s clothes are well known to be stylish, comfortable and has a child-friendly texture that are safe for your child’s skin. Since youngsters haven’t mastered yet the art of coordinating or blending of colors, the outfit options you presented must be interchangeable. And once your child has already decided on her outfit, lay the pieces neatly on her bed so she can easily reach them after she takes a bath and ready to get dressed.

In doing this try to start simple, for parents who is teaching their child to dress herself, try to stick with the clothes that are easy for her to on such as skirts, pants, or shorts with elastic waistbands, and a pullover shirts and dress. And once your child gets the hang of dressing herself in simple clothing, she can pass and graduate to garments with zippers, buttons, and snaps. You can use a permanent marker to mark the bottoms of your kid’s socks so she can tell which part of the socks belongs on the bottom of her feet.

As a mom who’s teaching her little kid on how to dress for herself it is important to learn and to know the proper way to curb criticism. For your child who is learning to get dressed is not an easy task, and being critics to them won’t make the task be easier. So you should resist the temptation to say like, “your dress is ribonned wrong”, or “your sandals are on the wrong feet”. And you think that a comment like these seems to be harmless to them, but these lines from you can devalue their efforts and crush her self-esteem. Instead, you can offer plenty of encouragement and some honest praise for her efforts.