The Classic Round Glass Tables are Making a Comeback

One item of home or office furniture that is rarely seen these days is the round dining or office table. Presumably, the main reason is the misconception that there’s no sufficient space for it when in fact it occupies the same area as the rectangular table can occupy. A round table can seat more people and got more room to ensure of getting to their chairs without banging themselves on the table’s edges.

The round table makes one feel a certain mystique and majesty being inspired by the legend of King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table. It seems now is the right time for the roundtable to make a comeback with the boring and traditional rectangular table to be put in the background or in the garage sales.

Whether the round table becomes popular again or not, when used in the right way can definitely provide a special atmosphere for a dinner meal or an office conference. The round shape ensures that everyone can see each other when dining or conversing, which makes everyone have an equal share of the conversation.

Eating or conferencing using a round table, there’s normally a global conversation and not just several small talks between people with shared or common interest. This makes the interaction great since no one is left behind and no cliques are formed.

There are several types of round table that can be made of glass, wood, and metal. The most common type is the wood round table due to its durability and cheapness. The least common is the metal round table. For the glass round table (mesas redondas de cristal), it is easy to clean comparable to other types although certain care and maintenance had to be applied to avoid frequent cleaning.

In order to avoid cleaning too much, one needs to use place mats for dishes and plates, coasters for avoid leaving glasses and drinks ring marks, and a table cloth to cover the entire round glass table to avoid accidental breakage. For office round glass table that is used for conferences, table mats can be used instead.

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