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Baking is the method of cooking food in an oven, such as bread, fish, meat, poultry, and vegetables. The key of properly baking depends on the ratio between the oven temperature and baking time, which can be determined by the size or the weight of the dish. It means that the larger and denser the item, the longer is the cooking time and the smaller and less dense the shorter cooking time.

Pre-heating the oven is a way of ensuring any dish will be cooked evenly. Ovens have internal thermometers to ensure heat is kept consistent and will not get hotter. There are several utensils that are needed when baking like rolling pin, mixers, spatula, mixing bowls, cookie cutters, baking sheets, pans, muffin tins, or basically different types of oven molds and a lot more.

Baking pans or moldes para horno (oven molds) come in various sizes and shapes such as sheets for baking cookies, pans for baking cakes, muffins or bread and shaped or Bundt cake pans. For anyone who wants to bake a variety of goods, one will need one or two of each type. One needs to have a 9”x13” pan for standard cakes and dessert mixes, and an 8” or a 9” square pan to accommodate smaller mixes.

Cookie baking sheets are either made of tin or stainless, although one can choose silicone, glass or tin for bread and cake pans. Tin and silicone are the available choices for muffin molds. Tin pans can either be plain or non-stick coated that helps in the easy food removal and clean-up, although they require extra care. Silicone oven molds had become popular, but since they’re not non-stick, they should be greased before use just like one does when using a tin oven mold.

Baking had been a passion for most women, and for someone who bakes, investing in the utensils needed to pursue this passion is a must. Farines I Complementes is a family business that had been offering solutions for high-quality pastry accessories for everyone. The founder Antonio Casas had his life around the bakery and his company is catering for all bakery and confectionery needs.

Farines i Complements have a physical store in Barcelona and offer everything that one will need for desserts. All their raw materials are of good quality, there are jams, fruit fillings, cream, gluten free pastry, nuts, jellies, mix pastry preparations, caramel, and every raw material are available. This online store also offers all types of bakery utensils and accessories, such as oven molds, cutters, cake bases, boxes, silicone molds, whisk, spatulas, can containers, and much more.

Oven molds make of cardboard and aluminum are available in different shapes and sizes. Start stocking up with a 12 cupcakes mold with double coating or a 6 cupcakes mold with double non-stick coating, a 20cm square mold, a 20cm/23cm/28cm buckle mold, 16inch aluminum mold in round or sphere shaped, a 20cm quiche mold, a 20cm/23cm round mold with removable base, panettone oven mold in pack of 25, teddy bear mold, Nordic rose mold 24×10 cm, 5pack fir spray mold, home mold, heart mold, number 1 shaped mold, and ball-shaped mold.

The shipping cost is automatically calculated depending on the weight of the products ordered and delivery of shipments within the peninsula will be in 24/48 hours and shipments in the Balearic Islands will be between 48/72 hours. For any question concerning the order, send an email to with the assurance that all shipments within the peninsula are insured.