Pressure Washer for all your Cleaning Needs

When is your home cleaning schedule? Is it on the weekends? If yes, you are one of the thousands of homeowners who prefer to get themselves dirty cleaning their house on a weekend. But, are you confident that you can clean your house from inside and out for the whole day?

That might sound impossible especially for those homeowners who haven’t clean their house for a while. If you are having trouble cleaning and removing dirt especially outdoors, you can always use limpiadoras a presion as your cleaning companion.

Before we discussed Pressure washer, let us first define what it is. A pressure washer is known as a high-pressure mechanical sprayer that is commonly used to remove loose paint, grime, dust, mud and any surface dirt on houses, buildings, and all concrete surfaces.

How does it work?

Pressure water is commonly consisting of a motor, water pump, high-pressure hose and a trigger looking gun switch. Similar with a garden hose, where a nozzle is being used in increasing the velocity of the water, the pressure washer uses the trigger gun style switch to create higher pressure and velocity.

Currently, they are two types of a pressure washer to choose from such as Gas-powered pressure washers, and the electric power washers. Let us define both kinds of washers:

  • Electric Pressure Washers.

This type of washer is ideal for small desks, furniture, patios and other light duty jobs because it is designed as a stain remover. Unlike the other type of washer, this one is quieter, lighter, only requires a bit of upkeep and it does not create any exhaust emissions. With its small size, it can be stored indoors.

  • Gas Powered Pressure Washers.

This type of pressure washer can easily clean desks, any sidings, and other large areas like the garage floor and more to remove mold build up and tough stains. This is possible because the washer can pump out 2000 to 2800 pounds of water. Cleaning concrete patios is a lot faster than before.

Now that we are familiar with the types of a Pressure washer, here are the features we should look for and be aware of as we buy a pressure washer for home use.

  • The Body

The pressure washer has a plastic housing where the motor and pump is located. Bigger pressure washer means a bigger and more robust body. It is advised that first-time washer users should go for washers with the heavier body because smaller washer has lighter body which is easier to be knocked down.

The body of the washer upholds the on and off switch, it also connects the hosepipe and the washer hose.

  • The so-called Washer Hose.

Hoses for pressure washer can start at 3m up to 10m long. Pressure washer owners are advised to use longer hoses so that it would be a lot easier for them to move and clean around without moving the equipment in place.

  • The Trigger and the Handle.

Water only flows whenever the trigger is being squeezed. Users should remember that a pressure washer should have a safety lock to prevent any accident from turning on the washer.

Now, that everyone is aware of a Pressure washer, we are ready to buy one for our home needs. What are we waiting for? Let’s shop for a new pressure washer.