How to rock a pair of light up shoes

A nice pair of light up shoes can look great when you try them on. They are perfect for dancing around in the club or just walking at night. This is because light up shoes use LED lights to flash bright and colorful flashes of light at the soles of these shoes.

When you do already own a pair of light up shoes, how do you take care of them? And how should they be worn? Read this article to figure out the answers to those questions about light up shoes.

  1. Dance moves to show them off

When you are in a club, the best way to make the most out of your light up shoes is by showing off your dance moves. Nothing will look better on the dark dance floor than a pair of light up shoes looking great. The rapid foot movement of dancing will pair nicely with the bright flashing LED lights of your shoes. And all eyes will be on you and your shoes during the whole time you are going to be dancing.

  1. Fully charge your LED shoes

Before you leave for a night out, you should make sure that your light up shoes is fully charged, especially if you are going to wear them for a long night out. You do not want your pair of light up shoes suddenly running out of battery, and then turning off their lights. You can prevent this from happening by making sure they are charged up right before you leave.

  1. Wear light up shoes for a walk

Walking in the dark seems like a weird activity, most people take a walk during the day. Well, most people do not own a pair of light up sneakers. Light up shoes look great when you walk around at night. It looks cool and futuristic and even lets people know where you are with its bright lights.

  1. At a concert

Going to a trance or dubstep concert, you will see all the huge LED lights be used on stage and by the DJ. You know you can have those same flashing lights on your feet, by using a pair of light up shoes. These kinds of shoes will look great at a concert, especially one where everyone is dancing. Everyone will be paying attention to your shoes during such a fun concert.

  1. During Christmas as a gift

Light up shoes can make a great gift for anyone this holiday season. Light up shoes are a big hit amongst younger people. So if you need to give a gift to someone, who is younger than you, why not a pair of LED sneakers? They will love what you will give them.


Light up shoes are now all the rage. Everyone is wearing them, and why not? They look great, especially at night. Wearing light up shoes will show how cool you are because you are following such a cutting edge trend. So buy a pair of light up shoes now and get in on the fad everyone is on.