How to Make Your First Bread With Your New Bread Machine

You have finally reached the moment when you can make that delicious homemade bread without having to spend hours preparing the dough and baking the bread, including the cleaning of the kitchen afterwards. The bread machine is in front of you and now you are wondering how to do the process right. Perhaps, you already have researched several recipes for baking bread with a Toastmaster bread machine at home, but having several tips in your mind beforehand can really make the process faster, easier and more effective.

The main difference between baking the bread on your own and with a Toastmaster bread machine is that all of the mixing of the dough, the rising, as well as the baking is taking place inside the very bread machine. The ingredients that you will need for making a basic homemade bread include yeast, which can be replaced with a starter, flour, liquid, as well as salt. The liquid can be either milk or water, but most people prefer water. The salt is required in order to provide some additional flavor and to help control the process of fermentation inside the machine during the dough cycle. The Toastmaster bread machine provides 8 different dough cycles for your preferred bread and you can easily find out more about each one of them in the manual. The yeasts are different, as well as the flour, so you need to keep in mind which type you need for each recipe before you start preparing it. If you want, you can add any other ingredients to these ones which helps you create a very large diversity of breads in the future. There are hundreds of recipes for different types of breads made in bread machines.

One of the very important things to keep in mind before you start preparing the bread is to read the Toastmaster bread machine’s manual and follow the instructions there. All of the parts of the machine need to be carefully cleaned before you use it for the first time. You need to make certain that the recipe you choose fits the capacity of the bread machine, which in the case of the Toastmaster bread machine is up to 1.5lbs. It is important to only choose recipes with the right amount of flour cups for your machine.

Once the cycle is done you can either bake the bread inside the bread machine or take it out, give it your desired form and then bake it in the oven. The first option is suitable if you do not want to spend any additional time making the bread and if you are happy with the form that it takes if it is baked inside the Toastmaster bread machine. The second option is if you want it to have a different form and if you want to control how much it bakes on the top, which is fully possible in the conventional oven, but you can only do that if you have the time.