How to Choose Your Wireless Outdoor Speakers

There is nothing new about wireless outdoor speakers, you say. But you’ve got to step back and read that again. There are wireless speakers, but they are never designed for outdoors. Although there are speakers that can be brought outdoors, what this outdoor speaker means is that it comes with a design that shows it is best used for outdoors. You will never know that they are even speakers in the first place since they are like decorations that you see outdoors. You get to own speakers that are combined with outdoor decorations!


Choosing wireless outdoor speakers

These wireless outdoor speakers come in a variety of designs. There are those that are designed like lamps for indoors but can still be used for outdoors. The best outdoor speakers are those that take on the look of an outdoor light decor. You can put them in your garden, and your guests will never know that you even have outdoor speakers. This is something that you should consider if you want to have outdoor speakers but do not want to make it too obvious.


While you have your preferences on the design of the speaker, what you need right now is a guide on which kind of technology should you go for when it comes to wireless outdoor speakers. Since they are wireless, it means that you connect your device to the speakers either through Wi-Fi or Bluetooth. So which of the two is better?



Many buyers prefer going with Bluetooth because of its battery efficiency and highly powerful functionality. Some have misconceptions about Bluetooth – the ones that annoyingly flash blue lights from the headsets placed on the ear, but this is not the kind of Bluetooth technology projects. Bluetooth was once before a bad rap with audio since it could only deliver substandard audio quality compared to Wi-Fi. So before, Wi-Fi was highly used for wireless speakers. But these days, Bluetooth could not be distinguished much from the quality delivered by Wi-Fi since they are similar now.



While Bluetooth may have covered a lot of ground in a lot of ways since its inception with the popularity of wireless outdoor speakers, Wi-Fi is still superior in some ways. When it comes to the best feature, Wi-Fi streaming can deliver many features and services for the wireless speaker, including accessing the audio from various sources like media servers or the NAS storage devices. Wi-Fi also provides high resolution with audio transmission compared to Bluetooth. Thus it makes it an ideal choice if you are searching for a high-quality speaker that would be able to playback high-resolution files. This is also the preferred choice if you do not wish your tunes to get disrupted by the notifications made by your mobile devices.


Have you now decided which type of technology should your wireless outdoor speaker get? Keep in mind that you have to consider the money you are going to spend on maintaining either of the two, especially when you are on a budget to maintain the wireless speakers.