Guidelines for Achieving the Perfect Body

Getting that perfect body that always wanted for is not that fast and easy. And achieving this goal will surely take a great plan, patience and commitment to the plan. In able to get the perfect the body you always dreamed of, you must build muscle and lose weight with some additional changes to daily diet routine and adherence to a strict cardiovascular exercise program and strength training. Moreover, you must continually monitor your progress in able to make sure that you are improving and getting the perfect body fast.

The first step is the Diet

You must reduce the overall caloric intake of your body for you to lose weight in order to get the perfect body.  Always choose foods that are low in calories, such as vegetables and fruits; and also, reduce your portion to a saucer-sized plate. Eat up to six times a day to give your body the energy and protein and proteins it needs continually to become the perfect the body. To get the most protein needed while maintaining the right diet others are drinking some whey protein drinks such as Arnold Schwarzenegger iron whey powdered drink. This was proven to help your body achieve the right protein amount needed during workouts.

Must eat lean meats, such as poultry, fish, pork or lean red meat, to make sure you have enough protein to build your perfect body. When you train strength, you break down muscle that needs to be rebuilt.  Your body needs available protein stores to add muscle, and two to three servings of proteins per day are just enough.

Always drink plenty of water every day. It is important to stay hydrated to have effective workouts, and to maintain or lose your weight. You must drink at least eight glasses of water a day. You must drink one to two glasses of water every hour during your training, depending on the intensity of the training.

The next step is Exercise

Begin a strength training program, but you don’t need to purchase additional weights or join a gym. Instead, perform those exercises that require just your body weight, including squats, pushups, calf raises, lunges, and triceps dips.

You must perform these six exercises three times per week. And for each exercise, you need to perform these three sets. For each of this set, you must do as many as repetitions as you can until you are too tired to perform another repetition. Then rest for thirty seconds. Now perform your next exercise. Write down how many repetitions you can perform per each set before you have to stop for what you are doing. Just try to beat your record the next time you work out and allow yourself one day rest between workouts.

Jog five days per week, forty-five minutes per run, to get the perfect body fast. A cardiovascular workout will help you burn additional calories and shed the fats in your body, which will rest on a lean body. You must jog at a pace that causes you to sweat more; therefore, you must allow yourself to take to take some breaks until you get in good enough shape to run the whole forty-five minutes. Always record your distance in your journal and to run farther the next run.