Fantastic Wedding Ideas You’ll Love to Use in Your Wedding

Wedding is one of the best things that any person in the world could ever dream of. All those fairy tales that you’ve watched and read since you were little, up to those romantic movies that you’ve watched might be nothing to the actual relationship that you are enjoying right now. But hey, it can also make you feel as if you are living a fairy tale in your own version.

Whatever love story you have experienced before or you are about to make in the future, what’s more important is the present. You can forget the past because you can’t change it anymore, but you can enjoy the present and create a better future with your partner. And now that you are about to take a new step closer to your new life, read on for some fantastic wedding ideas that you will definitely love to use in your future wedding.

Photobooth is now one of the popular additions to different events that weddings also use that allows their guests to save a very important event of their love story. Photobooth is not only a creative and fun addition but also a meaningful prop that shows the taste and preferences of couples or their quirky imagination. But photo booths can’t work on its own with just atrezzo photocall (photo booth props) because it should have a backdrop too.

Aside from atrezzo photocall (photo booth props), a photo booth can look more fun and appealing if it has a matching backdrop that can talk on its own. Here are some of the best backdrop ideas that you can use together with your atrezzo photocall (photo booth props):

  • Polka Dot backdrop

Polka dots are timeless designs that can fit in different themes from birthdays to weddings. A pink and white color combination in this backdrop can look stunning yet simple. You can opt for gigantic pink polka dots in different shades in a white background. Count to three and strike a pose!

  • Projected backdrop

Do you want to visit different places around the world and capture it in a photo? Worry no more because in your wedding, you can have a projector handle the job for you while you pose as if you’re really there! Go surfing in your wedding dress, ride in a red hot wheel or drive a vintage scooter anywhere you want with a screen fabric and handy projector near you.

  • Hanging Tassel backdrop

Are you into the white and gold theme? Combine the white and gold color of tassels and hang it in a creative design to create a magical backdrop with foil, vellum, and sheets of paper.

  • Buffet Dessert Table

Do you want others to drool as they stare in your photo booth’s backdrop? Well, if you love everything that’s sweet for dessert, this is a cute and delicious idea that you can use. Have a dozen of real-looking desserts that you can devour in a photo and make others mouths water.

Are you excited to try any of these backdrop ideas? Check out the best-selling atrezzo photocall (photo booth props) here at that can match your chosen idea and get on with it!