Discounted Amaya Children’s Clothing for Ceremonial and Communal Occasions

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Amaya Sanchez was born and bred in Rafal, Spain in 1973 and had grown up surrounded by patterns and fabrics from her parent’s workshop committed to children’s clothing. This had sparked her interest in fashion and design, and enrolled at Centro Superior de Diseno y Moda at the age of 18 and moved to Madrid. After completing her studies, her creative concerns coupled with her passion for the theater took her to London in 1998, extended her studies into a Postgraduate realization from the University of the Arts London.

While working as a costume designer for the theater, she also designed small fashion collections for exclusive clients and launched her first T-shirt collections under the label, Virus. After four years of her London stint, she went back to Spain and joined their family business in charge of production, development, and expansion of the firm Artesania Amaya SL.

Amaya Sanchez had done tireless researches, along with critical and tenacious observation of what’s happening around her in order to conceive the Amaya ropa infantil collections. Her style comes as an oasis of freshness for children’s fashion using her dynamic personality and her unique vision showing her creative independence.

Her designs show refined lines, well-balanced and natural, where the battle of opposing ideas had emerged showing romanticism, minimalism, traditional, serenity, expression of strength and innovation come out together in perfect harmony. The company had combined the traditional methods of manufacture and the detailed expertise using the latest machinery that had resulted in high-quality products and contemporary designs.

Amaya ropa infantil is now offering several collections for Comunion 2017, Ceremonia PN 2017, Street 2017 and Bebe Ceremonia PN 2017. Amaya’s collection offers outfits for those who will be taking their First Communion, dresses, and outfits for special occasions, Baptismal outfits and outfits for everyday wear both for boys and girls.

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