Disaster Design Bags Exclusively Available Online at Romantika Vintage

Disaster is a brand created by a group of designers to manufacture quirky lifestyle accessories, gifts, and products.

These designers were bound together by their love of fashion, interests, and designs. Disaster Design started in the summer of 1989 from a haze of tie dye and tangled dream catchers and had reinvented itself for the past 20 years coming through different trends and fads and always showing that their designs are quirky and unusual, reflected in all their collections.

Disaster design is the company behind the best-selling collection from Paper Plane, Dandy, and Songbird. Disaster design never fails to come up with funky, new and gorgeous bags and fashion accessories and here at Romantika Vintage one can avail and enjoy the wide selection of Disaster Design collections.

Being true to the current fashions and trends, each collection of Disaster Designs is decorative, unique and aimed to stress one’s individuality. From designs ranging from the vintage inspired Dandy and Paper Plane, or to the elegant Songbird, or to the totally funky In a Nutshell, one is sure that one can find something show off and love wherever anyone goes.

Disaster Design created exclusive collections developed in-house and then sold to selected retailers throughout the UK and overseas. The products can be found in a variety of stores such as independent fashion stores and gift boutiques in high-end department stores in the UK and all over Europe. The company loves to design and create new products and collections as part of Disaster Design brand and launches new collections at least twice a year.

As well as creating their own collection, the company is proud to work with other licensed collections like The Beatles, Jan Constantine, and Moomin Characters.

Disaster Design had originally imported clothing from China and Indonesia and gradually developed by working more on in-house designs and began specializing in an eclectic range of products that are quirky and original. The company had produced a range of fashion and lifestyle accessories that includes bags, notebooks, scarves, compact mirrors, purses, and flasks.

Romantika Vintage is an online shop for fashion and special accessories in Spain that had been selected to carry and offer exclusive bags and accessories from Disaster Design (bolsos disaster design), including textiles/dresses, gift, and stationery.

Romantika Vintage have a collection of bags and purses all from Disaster Design from Bon Voyage, Paper Plan, Bohemia, Daydream, Ampersand, Memento, Apothecary, Meow, Sigris, Disseny, Fly Happy, Erase Una Vez, Liquidacion and other various items.

The textile department showcases ceremonial dresses that include long and short dresses, party dresses, trousers and skirts, vests and shirts from brands created by Belleza, Creasur, Culitoi, Moncho Heredia, Girl of the Cascabel, Olimara, Smashed Lemon, Chestnut Girl and others. Photo albums and notebooks are available from the gifts and stationery section.

View the Disaster Design collections and order at Romantika Vintage that can be delivered within 48 – 72 hours. Avail of free delivery by consulting the company first. For any questions, send an email to romantikavintage@gmail.com or call phone number 955668820.