Condom & Sex Toy: Should You Cover It Up or Use it Bare?


Since you are one of those people who are already open when it comes to sex education, hearing or reading the word condom won’t be that awkward anymore. Though some people still find it hard to say that word out loud may it be in public or not. Oh well, saying it won’t hurt you, but it does bring a different sensation inside by imagining its usage deliberately or not.

But when it comes to juguete erotico (erotic toy), have you ever thought about mixing the two and create a 2-in-1 bed mate?

Put a Cap On It

Before anything else, answer this question first “how often do you use sex toys?” Now, whatever is your answer, do you like the idea of covering it up with a condom? Putting a cap or cover on it does sound weird, but let’s take a look at it a little closer. Condoms are specifically made to be driven inside so there is no need to ask if they are safe or not. However, the case of a juguete erotico (erotic toy) is quite different as it can contain tons of chemicals.

Basically, a juguete erotico (erotic toy) from a not so famous shop won’t deliberately tell you the kinds of chemicals are used to create it. So, if you are not sure whether the solid material in your hand is made of a sticky material or porous with a strong smell of chemical, stay on the safer side. This is so true for the cheap sex toys so it can give you a hard time to figure out if the toy you’re about to use is made of safe material like wood, metal, glass, or silicone.

Another reason why covering up your juguete erotico (erotic toy) with a condom is recommended is due to sterilization issues. If you can’t or don’t want to take some extra time on cleaning up and sterilizing it after every use, you might as well cover it up then throw away the condom after every use. This is also applicable if you are going to use it on your partner. Fast and easy, right? In fact, this is the “low-maintenance” way of using a clean juguete erotico (erotic toy) again and again.

Unregulated Toys

Whether you like it or not, not all sex toys are safe. At least children’s toys have a quality control and toxic-free seals to obtain under proper regulations. But in the case of sex toys, you’ll never when a dangerous chemical will be inserted in your welcoming holes since the adult industry toys are generally unregulated.

If your juguete erotico (erotic toy) smells and tastes too weird, especially if it is not made from metal, glass, pure silicone, or wood (specially treated only), don’t think twice to cover it up. Watch out for sex toys that are made of porous because these toys can easily attract dirt and bacteria that can’t be removed again. Don’t wait for a bacterial infection to ruin you or your partner.

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