Buy Olive Trees: Plant it for a Future of Healthy and Beneficial Diet

In the Mediterranean, it had been the custom of families that whenever a child is born, an olive tree is planted. The tree and the child grew to ensure that the as the child developed the tree would flower, bear fruit and have a bountiful product of olive. This custom ensures that families will have generations after generations of olive trees to represent the history of their families.

The olive tree is known to be an ancient plant which can grow in the rocky and infertile land of the Mediterranean, such as the difficult terrain of Tunisia, Lebanon, and Malta. This tree has lots of uses, the fruits, the oil and the leaves have health benefits to offer. It is also known as a sign of peace for anyone who offers or accepts it and a symbol of vitality when a winner in the Olympic games in ancient times was given an olive branch as a sign of vitality.

Olives vary in color depending on their degree of ripeness, changing from yellow and green and when ripe to purple and black. Italy boasts of a large variety of olives, the most popular are the green, giant Greche olives; the black, fleshy and sweet Boresane olives; the more sour, purple and black di Gaeta olives; slightly tart green Siciliane olives; and the green or black di Cerignola olives. Olives are used in cuisine all over the world, for appetizers, salads, sauces and main dishes.

Olives are very healthy food, good to eat and got loads of health benefits, so in order to have a steady supply of olives, comprar olivos then plant it in the backyard. Before doing so, let’s check out first what benefits and components can be gained from consuming olives.

  1. Lutein destroys free radicals, strengthen retina to improve eyesight and protect cells from premature aging
  2. Polyphenols prevent oxidation of lipoproteins, stop cancer cells from growing and reduce risk of heart and blood vessels disorders
  3. Beta-carotene reduces the harmful influences of carcinogen, smoothen wrinkles/rejuvenate skin, strengthen teeth and bones, protects smokers from lung tumor and is essential for robust eyesight
  4. An additional 3 to 5 olives to a regular diet can relieve hemorrhoids symptom, help keep skin wrinkle-free and strengthen blood vessels

Olive oil should be included in the diet at least once a week as well as spinach, garlic, nuts and tomatoes, making the best 5 foods for healthy living. Olive oil is known for being rich in antioxidants and is proven to reduce risk from many serious diseases. The extra virgin olive oil contains a high level of vitamin E and phenols and is recommended for optimum heart health, and oleic acid helps in preventing colon cancer. By choosing olive oil, instead of other oils, it can lower bad cholesterol while raising the good cholesterol.

With all the benefits that can be gained with olive consumption, planting an olive tree is indeed a healthy option for everyone. Augusta Garden is the best online store to buy fruit trees and olive trees are available through them. There are different olive seedlings that are ready for planting for species like Olive Arbequina, Olivo Redondilla, Olivo Cornicabra, Olivo Manzanilla, Olivo Hojiblanca, Olivo Picual , Olivo Gordal Sevillana and Olive Empeltre.