Baby Product Ingredients That Mothers Should Avoid for Their Little Bundle of Joy

Are you an expecting mother? Is this your first-time to get pregnant? If yes, congratulations! You are about to enter the world of motherhood, which is kind of both awesome and scary at the same time. But before you mind the other facts of being a mother, first thing is first.

As an expecting mom, we know that you are excited and you can’t wait to buy your baby’s first set of clothes, toys, crib and much more. But, as a mom, they are certain things you need to know when it comes to baby products. One, if you want to ensure that the baby products you will buy are safe for your baby, stick to a brand that is trusted by most moms today like Suavinex.

You can find different baby products as you engaged with Suavinex online. From milk extractor, pacifier, massage oils, to wet wipes and much more. Suavinex offers the safest baby products just for you. Two, if you can’t find some of the baby products in Suavinex, you must ensure that the products you are going to purchase do not attain the following ingredients like:

  • Phthalates – This is a chemical that can be found on most consumer products these days. You can find it in soft plastic toys and can also be found in a baby powder, baby shampoos, fragrance, and lotions. You should avoid this because it has potential health impacts like, it can adversely affect human reproduction, it has a link to birth defects, it can decrease sperm counts and can damage the sperm.
  • Mineral Oil – This is the most commonly used ingredient in baby products and said to be the most dangerous. You can find a serious level of carcinogens in Mineral Oil (Baby Oil) that can cause skin dehydration because it blocks the absorption of natural moisture.
  • Lanolin – this chemical is often used in moisturizing or diaper creams. But this chemical can cause an allergic reaction once it made contact with the skin that will result in skin rash. Besides from that Lanolin comes from sheep that contains pesticides and are used on various sheep and wool products.
  • Cornstarch – They are various beliefs when it comes to cornstarch but it is not recommended to be used in treating yeast-related diaper rashes. This is due to the simple fact that cornstarch encourages the growth of yeast that will only worsen the diaper rash instead of curing it.
  • Sodium Lauryl Sulfates – You should think twice as you buy your baby shampoo because Sodium Lauryl Sulfates is a chemical that is mainly used in creating foam for bath and body products. With regular use, it can cause irritation to your baby’s scalp and it can penetrate to an infant’s eyes and systemic tissues which are a scary factor for babies who are undergoing substantial eye growth.

The nutrients stated above are generally found on the most popular brand of adult and baby skin care products and all of them are found to be harmful to your baby’s delicate and sensitive skin. To ensure that your baby’s skin is well-taken care of, you must read the product ingredient carefully so that you can stay away from these harmful chemicals.