4 Tips to Help You Use the Most Out of Your e-Liquid Products

If you are a smoker then you are either smoking regular cigarettes or already have chosen to change to the electronic cigarettes. Electronic cigarettes are said to be harmless compared to the normal cigarettes simply because there is no actual burning of the material. It is all based on vaporization and therefore all of the dangerous substances in the normal cigarette smoke are not present with the vaporization of the electronic cigarette liquid that is being used in the electronic cigarettes. Even though electronic cigarettes and their eliquid are not expensive, it can still help you to know a few tricks how to get the most out of the eliquid that you have already paid for. There are many benefits of using an electronic cigarette in addition to the health ones such as choosing e-liquids with all of the different types of smells that make you lose all of that unpleasant smell of normal cigarettes and smell like the eliquid you have chosen to use.

One of the things that you can do in order to get the most out of your bottle with eliquid is steeping the liquid as many refer to it for several days. Preferably you should do that for more than three days and no more than ten days. It is possible that you are completely skeptical about doing this with your juices but with most of them it actually shows to have effects. Some of the changes that you should notice is that the color starts to get darker as the days go by and it seems that the taste of the juice is also improved due to the mixture of flavors inside of it.

If it takes you a longer time to finish of each bottle with liquid then you may consider shaking the bottle from time to time. It can really help keep all of the flavors in the bottle evenly within it all of the time. It is also important to purchase pure PG or VG in order to cut the eliquid in the bottle because the nicotine in I can really make the stronger flavors last for a longer period of time. The same effect is known for both the VG and the PG therefore you can go ahead and get whatever you like for your bottles of eliquid.

Another thing to know about liquids as you are using them and want to get the most out of them is that if you are about to purchase bottles from another vendor then you will notice that the viscosity is different. Normally VG is thicker in viscosity, but it is possible that some companies keep it runny for more comfort. Keep in mind that VG is not as sweet with flavor but makes more vapor, whereas the PG does the opposite. Therefore, you need to experiment in order to find the right combination that fits your taste the most.