3 of the Most Common Questions About Solar Panels Answered

People who are considering using solar power instead of the typical grid power have a lot of questions simply because solar power is something relatively new for the normal consumer. Because of this, there are not as many people using only solar power in their homes and this makes it more difficult for others to understand how it all works and if it is the right solution for them. The Internet is full of information about the solar panels and the solar power but here are three of the most common questions that people interested in solar panels often need answers to.

First of all, solar panels are there to convert the energy of the sun into energy that can be used within the household for the appliances and any other electricity needs. However, what happens if several days in a row there is no sunshine beaming on the solar panels. Of course, when there is hardly any sunshine there will also be no energy to be converted. Because of this, many of the solar power systems are connected to the utility lines. This connection provides the possibility to send power through the lines when there is more than enough, as well as get power from the lines when there has been no sunshine for days and you need electricity in your home. By providing this option, solar systems make it clear that even when there is no sunshine for a while, there will always be electricity provided to the house and all of its needs.

Another very common question is how to understand what size of solar panels is needed, as well as if it will be enough to provide the power that the specific household needs. This is a tough question because every household has different electrical needs. This depends on the appliances that are running. The calculations are based on the amount of watts that are being used by each appliance for the period of time that it is usually used each day. Then the amount if calculated for all of the appliances that are being used in the household in order to determine how many solar panels and what size they should be specifically for the household.

Another very common question is of how long a solar panel can be expected to last. This is a very important question simply because solar panels are still quite expensive for the normal employee and this is why in order to install solar systems, there is the need of a large investment of money. Because of this, people want to make certain that their investment will be working and providing power for years. Most of the solar panels can last for 60 years or maybe even more. The manufacturer provides warranty which most of the times is up to 20 years. Therefore, you are ensured that the investment you are going to make will be returned and you will be on a profit soon afterwards.